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IRJET-Volume7 Issue7

2020-7-4  IRJET Journal Volume7 Issue7 July 2020. IRJET Journal Volume7 Issue7 July 2020 Experimental Investigation on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate by E-Waste An Investigation of Causes of Failures of Induction Motors in Stone Crusher Applications and to Identify Remedies to

Stability of Counterfort Retaining Wall using Crusher Dust

2020-9-25  1.5, the wall is considered unstable. Hence for the safe durability of retaining wall, it is important to maintain the factor of safety. 2) LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 REVIEW ON STUDIES [1] Soosan et al. (2001) Conducted a comparative study on all three wastes “crusher dust, Stone dust, and Ash”. Results were found as follows: a.

Effect of stone dust on strength of concrete: A Review

2018-5-15  using stone dust as to give comparable strength to concrete. Stone dust has somehow similar or better mechanical properties to fine aggregate. Using of stone dust is also beneficial from the environmental aspect. Disposal of stone dust, a waste product, in the concrete construction is one of the efficient way of waste management.

IRJET-Volume5 Issue3

Strength and Durability Study on Concrete using Silica Fume and Iron Slag-A. Parthi, M. Nirmala, G. Dhanalakshmi: 163: Drivers Stupor Scrutinizing System-Sonia .R, Dhanyashree .R, Swathi M, Hemalatha .M: 164: Biosorption and Optimization Studies on Congo Red Dye with Fanwort Powder using Box Behnken Design-Ch Asha Immanuel Raju, V R Nagalakshmi

Evaluation of Strength Characteristics of

2018-8-22  Manufactured sand is delivered from quires stone crusher. for various mechanical properties of concrete like strength, durability etc. The paper review shows the positive as well including research papers, reports and case studies. 3.1 Mix Proportioning: The M40 pavement quality concrete mix is designed as per

IRJET-Volume3 Issue8

2016-8-8  A study on cause and effects of noise pollution due to stone crusher machine at Jaflong, Sylhet-Syeda Zehan Farzana, B. Biswas, A. Das, Abu Zafor. 07: Productivity Improvement in Steering Knuckle Machining Line Using Lean Techniques-A Case Study-M.Ashiq Hyder, D.Ranjith, R.Jayachitra, R.R.Pradeep. 08

Review on Performance of Quarry Dust as Fine

2020-9-8  dust, stone dust and glass powder in making and enhancing the properties of concrete. The work done by various authors describe below Baalbaki et al reported the results of the tests carried out on high-strength concrete made with different types of crushed rocks, highlighting the role played by coarse-

IRJET-Volume4 Issue7

Strength Studies on Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Members by Partial Replacement of Natural Sand by Manufactured Sand Subjected to Acidic Attack-Akshay Vastrad, B.R. Patagundi: 490: A Review on the Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Metals-Chitrang A. Dumasia, V. A. Kulkarni, Kunal Sonar: 491

Strength and Durability Studies on Concrete Made using

For its usage in concrete and on the same to test it mechanical properties of concrete cubes, cylinders and prisms were casted and test for Compressive strength, Split


2016-1-24  strength, durability and “Stone crusher dust as a fine aggregate in The paper discusses the experimental studies on strength characteristics and water absorption of iron ore tailings